Kumru Kimya whose main purpose is customer satisfaction was established in 1972 and since that time it has been trading plastic raw materials. In this direction, it is trading with the most important petrochemistry manufacturers in all over the world particularly Europe, Far East and Asia. Kumru Kimya exports mainly Urea formaldehyde, melamine-formaldehyde and phenol-formaldehyde (Bakelite) moulding powder, glazing powder (lamalit), polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polystyrene (PS) and ABS raw materials.

The usage of Urea Formaldehyde, Melamine Formaldehyde and Phenol Formaldehyde Powder Glues / Resins in different final products

Choosing the right raw material that will be produced with regard to the final product is one of the key factors required to be successful in the production. Choosing the “Right raw material” is about taking into consideration the most economic raw material which has the required performance features. In this context, you can find information about urea formaldehyde, melamine formaldehyde and phenol formaldehyde glues / resins that are widely used in forest industry and their usage areas.

Australia, one of the most developed countries in forest industry, divides glues used in forest industry into four groups.

Type A Glues: They are powder glues produced from phenol formaldehyde resin. These glues provide permanent results in the final product when processed under temperature and pressure. Binding feature of the glue doesn’t decrease in hot, cold or high humidity environments. Contrast to urea and melamine formaldehyde glue, phenol formaldehyde glue is black.

Contrary to other glues, type A glues are used in exteriors of watercrafts such as boat and yacht, polished laminated parquets, plywood and structural plywood which are used external areas. It protects its binding feature when forest products produced using phenolic resin come into contact with water or exposed to humidity.

Type B Glues: They are powder glues produced from urea formaldehyde resin which has been strengthened with melamine. The commercial name of these glues is MUF (melamine-urea formaldehyde) resin. These glues, like phenol formaldehyde glue, are processed with temperature and pressure. Like type A glues, type B glues are suitable for use in external areas but their resistance against hot, cold and humidity decreases with time and within two years their binding performances decrease dramatically. These glues should be used on furniture and outside door panels that can be used in humid environments like formwork plywood and vanity tops.

Type C and Type D Glues: These powder glues are produced from urea formaldehyde resin. These powder glues shouldn’t be used in external areas and high humidity places. Binding feature of these powder glues cannot be maintained in too hot or humid environments. Final products that are produced from this powder glue shouldn’t be used in closed areas. In addition, urea formaldehyde powder glues shouldn’t be used in structural plywood practices.

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