As Kumru Kimya company, since 40 years with our polymer experience, we are proud to offer you the newest polymer products. With its main purpose of customer satisfaction, we offer you environmental friendly bioplastics polymers of the nature. Green and organic biopolymers are aiming to offer innovation and differentiation to your companies.


Bioplastic Polymer Solutions

Conventional fossil fuel sourced plastic raw materials do not degrade in nature for thousands of years. This causes environmental problems. Recently, PLA (polylactic acid) with its composting possibility have found lots of areas of interest. In the areas where active microorganisms are not present, it is also a stable product. Additionally with its adequate technical specifications, it has additional advantage of biodegradability. All of these features make PLA based polymers the next generation.

Bioplastics products doesn't cover only biodegradable polymers. During the last few years, sugar cane like plant sources of sugar were used to produce ethylene. Polymerization of these ethylene results in Green Polyethylene polymer which is produced from biological sources and renewable sources. Finally polymers like Bio-PET and Bio-Polyamid is also produced from renewable sources and has positive effect on carbondioxide emissions.

Our company, as part of their bioplastic products offer both biodegradable PLA based and cellulose acetate based and biobased Green Polyethylene, Bio-Polyamide and Bio-PET bioplastic polymers.

Please click below to see the details of the Bioplastics Polymers that we offer from sustainable and renewable sources.


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Antimicrobial Masterbatch

Within addition to PP, PS, PE and ABS polymers, they provide antibacterial feature. Using our Steritouch additive, by the help of silver ions and nanotechnology, you can have antimicrobial property for the final product. The end products that are produced by the addition of this masterbatch to plastics raw materials are tested by worldwide standards(ISO 22196, JIS Z 2801 etc.) and tested for heavy. We also provide you support on project basis for any innovative product you are trying to create..


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Urea formaldehyde moulding compounds : Unbreakable plates, service equipments, trays, ashtrays, tea plates, duroplast toilet seats….

Melamine formaldehyde Moulding compound : Unbreakable plates, dinnerware, service ware, trays, electrical switches ….

Phenol formaldehyde (Bakelite) Moulding compound: Kitchenware handle, teapot handle, light bulb

Lamalit (Glazing Powder) : Creates glossy surface coating on melamine plates and impregnation of decorative papers.

Urea Formaldehyde Glue Powder

Melamine/Urea Formaldehyde Glue Powder

Phenol formaldehyde resin glue


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